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May 2012



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May. 1st, 2012

Foodie Penpals - April

My foodie penpal this month, Lisa, sent me some ahhh-mazzzing stuff, and more than I could ask for! She overdid it with this one. Luckily, I got someone who has a very similar diet plan, since I am a gluten-free vegan with several allergies. Even though this would be a challenge for some people, she nailed it!! I came home this day in a very bad mood because I'd had a really stressful workday, not even thinking that my package would be in soon. My boyfriend had already opened it before I got home because he is the extremely curious type, but thankfully, all was still in tact! It immediately made my day sooo much better! I really loved the thoughtful card she sent, that was made by a vegan artist! How awesome!! She got me some delicious goodies and obviously got to know me pretty well before she went shopping... I love love loved the sweet potato chips, kelp spice mix, homemade banana chips, and chocolate!! On top of all that, she also sent wasabi sea veggie "chips", himalayan salt, recipe cards, a journal, and recipe book to hold all my new awesome recipes!! We hit it off so well that we even requested to get each other next time. So thankful for my new foodie friend! :) You can visit her blog here: http://nf1andpre-kwhisper.blogspot.com/

Apr. 5th, 2012

Join my Facebook group!

Interested in healthy eating, recipes, tips and more? Join my health coaching Facebook group, Health Coaching with Christie: https://www.facebook.com/groups/350315608319768/.
As a student of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I will be a certified Health Coach within 6 months. Join me in the journey to health!

Mar. 29th, 2012

Foodie PenPals - March

I found out about Foodie Penpals, created by Lindsay of the LeanGreenBean, last month and fell in love with the idea. After seeing an entry that Lindsay posted about needing a design, I asked to help out and was privileged to design her new button for blogs (below)!

Alexandria, my penpal this month from Chicago sent me some great things in my March package! Buying for me was a challenge, since I am a gluten-free vegan with multiple allergies, but Alexandria didn't condemn me for it and picked out some wonderful things!! I was so excited to get my package and try out so many new awesome things... it's not everyday you find a variety of gluten free vegan items. It's fun to get things from other places that you may not have tried. Below is a picture of what she sent! You can visit her page at www.eatwellrunwell.com. Thanks Alex!!

Oct. 30th, 2011


I'm a graphic designer and want to make some vegan shirts. Factory farming, no fur, etc. Who's down?